Introducing an innovative product using a proven method to kill bacteria and inactivate viruses for more than 200 years. Unlike the more popular air purifier that uses HEPA and carbon filters as their main filtration media, MagComb air purifier uses the power of UV-C light to disinfect the indoor air from airborne microbes like bacteria, mold spores and viruses.


Air is being directed into the device from the bottom and it goes through a E11 HEPA filter which will trap larger particulates before it goes into the chamber. The reason for this is to remove all these larger particulates which can be a hiding spot for these airborne microbes. The UV-C light can only disinfect, kill and inactivate these microbes in the line of ray so if it is hiding behind the shadow of a larger particulate, it will not have much effect. Unlike most air purifiers which state that they have UV light disinfection that uses a very small bulb, the intensity emits an irradiance that is not powerful enough to kill microbes effectively. Furthermore, the time exposure of these microbes to UV light has to be sufficient for it to take effect in which a regular air purifier airflow is considered too fast for longer exposure time.


MagComb disinfection chamber slows down the air flow with bigger space volume. The surrounding walls are coated with reflective material so that the intensity of the UV-C light irradiance is amplified thus creating more exposure time with higher intensity for more effective disinfection process.

Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet Light, UV

This term is not new to many but unfortunately, many people are not aware of its benefits and danger of these lights.Depending on the wavelength of the light spectrum, there are 3 different types of UV light.


  • UV-A with wavelength of between 315nm to 400nm
  • UV-B with wavelength of between 280nm to 315nm
  • UV-C with wavelength of between 100nm to 280nm

As there are tonnes of information which you are able to find online, we would want to summarise and put it in the simplest way for everyone to understand.

UV lights are part of the sunlight’s spectrum of rays so it has been around since the very beginning. What we get on Earth are mainly UV-A and a little bit of UV-B whereas UV-C is being blocked off by the Earth’s ozone layers from reaching the surface and all living beings.

As you are well aware that exposure to the sun for a period of time will cause sunburns and staring too long at it will disrupt our vision. These effects are only from UV-A and UV-B that penetrates through the ozone layer and hits the Earth surface. This is the reason why UV-C is being blocked off from reaching us which will cause harm and damage to our skin and eyes with more immediate effects.

UV-C is very dangerous due to its characteristic to kill cells by breaking and damaging their DNA structure, preventing them from replicating and reproducing.Because of its anti-microbial and anti-bacteria properties that destroys microbes and pathogens ability to replicate, they are referred to as Germicidal UV. This was discovered more than 200 years ago and was first used to disinfect surfaces in 1877, water in 1910 and air in 1935. 


“UV-C is by far the most efficient way in killing microbes; bacteria and viruses compared to what we experience sunlight on Earth which is mainly UV-A and a little bit of UV-B”

However, human exposure to UV-C is very dangerous and may cause skin cancer and blindness to the eyes. We strongly recommend that you take all precautionary measures when using UV germicidal irradiation light for disinfection. Most of the time, it is only used in empty rooms without any organic presence like humans or plants.  

Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Human discovery has invented many preventive and safety equipment. With this ideology, the air purifier was invented to protect us from breathing contaminants and impurities in the air or at least minimize it. From the use of a filter media to trap visible particles, air purifiers have evolved into the usage of HEPA filters to trap very fine particulates which are not visible to the naked human eyes and activated carbon filters to absorb VOC that causes bad smell. These are the 2 main filter media components in any air purifier today.

There are 2 more main components in an air purifier that makes it do what it does best to filter impurities from the air; the design of the device which promotes airflow through its filter and the fan motor it is equipped with. This sounds very simple but without the proper assembly of all these 4 main components, it would just be another redundant electrical device

With these being said, there are also many different ratings in the components used. HEPA filters have ratings where its efficiency and efficacy to filter and trap particulates down to sub-atomic size are tested. The activated carbon filters used are evolving too from charcoal pieces to pleated form activated carbon. Together with its design and fan motor used to complete an air purifier, the end product can be tested in an independent lab to obtain certifications of compliance.

Fresh Air vs Clean Air

Fresh Air vs Clean Air

Unknowingly, there is a difference between fresh air and clean air but both these terms are being used interchangeably to mean the same effect on indoor air quality for the majority. Basically, the main difference would be the level of Oxygen / Carbon Dioxide and fine particles / impurities in the air.

Fresh air is normally felt outdoors. If the surroundings are filled with trees and plants, this is where you feel that the air you breathe in feels so refreshing. Reason being is that the amount of oxygen is far more than carbon dioxide. Green plants use carbon dioxide to produce oxygen through photosynthesis, and that is how you feel fresh air when surrounded by plants. While staying indoors, humans produce carbon dioxide through their normal respiratory process and at the same time reduce the level of oxygen. If there is no air ventilation for the room, this will increase the level of carbon dioxide and reduce oxygen level.

Unlike fresh air, clean air is felt when the air you breathe in does not contain impurities like fine particles, dust, mold and bad smell (Volatile Organic Compound, VOC). It would be impossible for a regular household to achieve a completely clean environment indoors as air flows freely. The best that one can do is to minimize the amount of impurities with the use of an air purifier. Some might feel that by closing the doors and windows from the outdoors will stop impurities from coming into the house but how many of us have no answer to that when there are still dust build-ups even with all the doors and windows closed.


The birth of Oransi Malaysia

As consumers ourselves, we were unable to find out information about how air purifiers work, how it can benefit us and what features to look for that suit our needs. Most of the time, we could not tell the difference amongst so many brands in the market and end up buying the one with the best promotion offer. This device will probably end up sitting in the closet or will still be in the original box a couple of months later if it does not meet our expectation.

Being involved in the indoor air quality business, we are determined to share and pass on the knowledge we obtained so that consumers would know how to choose the best air purifier that suits them best. From many researches done online, we came across Oransi and its transparency in sharing the same knowledge we seek as consumers. Not only does Oransi receive many top reviews from end users, their portfolio consist of global giants like NASA, IBM, Google, HP, GE and many more which we came to a conclusion and that is where Oransi was introduced to Malaysia at the end of 2018 by INAT Eco Sdn Bhd.

At Oransi Malaysia, we want to educate our potential customers and share all the knowledge we know about air purifiers so that they can make a decision based on information and facts instead of making a purchase out of an attractive sales promotion deal or some marketing gimmick that might sound too good to be true.

Founder’s Story

Oransi began as an engineer’s quest to find better indoor air quality for his asthmatic son. Here is Peter’s story:

“I first became interested in air purifiers when my son struggled with asthma as an infant and young child. As a parent, I felt helpless and often the medicine prescribed by the doctors seemed worse than him not being able to breathe. I tried most of the air purifiers on the market and was not satisfied that they were properly cleaning the air. So, for more than 15 years now we have been designing and making air purifiers to provide the cleanest air possible. We are in it for the long haul.”

HEPA technology was invented in America and Oransi works with the leading American scientists to further innovate our HEPA and carbon filters to provide you with the latest technology and cleanest air. We are focused on improving the most important part of your life – protecting your health for you and your family. Oransi is an Energy Star Partner and member of AHAM the Association of home appliance manufacturers.

Oransi is a variation of Oranssi, a Finnish word that means orange. This is tribute to our founder’s heritage that values simple design, ease of use and practicality. Orange has a meaning of rejuvenation and good health. We are a veteran owned business. Oransi, pronounced (oh-ron-see).

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Air Mentor Pro

Air Mentor Pro

Any product bought or installed to purify the air will guarantee, among other things, a low pollution index, ability to remove impurities such as dust, volatile compounds and bacteria or viruses.

However, end-users are at the mercy of the manufacturer’s claims and have no means of determining if the product installed at home or in the office is actually working. The Air Mentor Pro is  the solution to those uncertainties. It is a 6-in-1 air quality monitoring device which measures humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), as well as PM10 and PM2.5 readings.

The device is controlled and accessed through a mobile app and its intuitive interface displays the air quality summary index in simple numerical values, which makes it easy for you to determine how clean the air in your home or office is in. The readings are taken and displayed in real time. With the three-day readings compilation, the Air Mentor PRO is also able to detect air parameter trends to see how the changes happening in your home or office.

The Air Mentor Pro can be installed at one corner of the room in an unobtrusive corner to perform its job. With information obtained from the Air Mentor, you can see if your air purifier is working if whether it is indeed time to invest in an air filtration unit for your home or office.


DeoTag® has some of the most amazing products to emerge in recent times. The revolutionary material and technology found in DeoTag® utilises ultra-porous technology to absorb body odour molecules. Many sports attire manufacturers now incorporate this technology into their end products under various trade names.

The technology in question is based on the Van der Waals force found in uncharged molecules. Van der Waals force is a weak, short range electrostatic attractive force between uncharged molecules. When nearby odour sources such as your underarms and feet come into close contact with the material, it immediately starts to bind the molecules. It continues to absorb the molecules until the surface is filled. As the nanoporous surface is so large, it can bind and remove odour for a long period of time.
A single DeoTag® fabric has a surface area equal to that of a tennis court. This allows the small sized tag to absorb a large amount of molecules. Due to the special nature of DeoTag® component, by itself it is odourless, environmentally friendly and chemical free. They are especially suited for those who want to avoid scented deodorants which are chemical and alcohol based. 

Deo Bear is one of our solution for an odour-free room. Using the same technology as that found in DeoTag®, the cute bear plastic holder can be placed as a pleasing ornament in any corner of a room and it starts to absorb odour immediately.

HERU Series


Fresh & Clean Indoor Air System

Östberg HERU Series is an energy recovery device which creates a natural healthy indoor climate for everyone.

We are the sole distributor of the HERU Series of air handling unit, a clever energy recovery device which circulates the air throughout your home or office and mixes it with air from outside.

This ensures there is a constant supply of fresh air in enclosed surroundings. One worry about the introduction of outside air is the increase in temperature (if your home is air conditioned) or the uptake of pollutants from external sources. The HERU unit addresses these factors through a few unique innovations.

Image above is just for illustration purpose only to explain the concept of heat exchange . Actual readings varies.

First, the heat sensor and air mixing unit found in the powerfully compact device draws in filtered air from outside and mixes it with internal air to bring the air to a degree that is closer to the building’s ambient temperature. This filtered, oxygen-rich air is then channeled into each room.

There is no worry of pollution coming in from outside as the inlets are fixed with industry-standard filters to prevent impurities from coming into your internal air space. The end result is a more comfortable environment with subtle benefits in the ability to concentrate and perform.

While the installation of the HERU unit may seem like a major undertaking, the benefits of clean refreshing air more than outweigh the initial investment.

Installation Sample 1

Installation Sample 2

Device Specifications


Duct Size
Fan Speed
Power Consumption
Static Pressure
Filter Change Indicator

1,086 x 624 mm

275 mm
6 inches
High (H), Medium (M), Low (L)
250W (H), 138W (M), 86W (L)
350 CMH (H), 246 CMH (M), 136 CMH (L)
100 Pa
38 db(A) (H), 36 db(A) (M), 33db(A) (L)
49 kg
Auto / Manual

OV200 Air Purifier


OV200 Air Purifier

  • The very basic unit of air purifier
  • Slim design for small rooms with limited space
  • Removes 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns

Recommended Area

563 sqft (2 ACH)

Small area with limited space


Ideal For

Everybody who needs regular air filtration.


Effective For

Dust, pollen, mold, pet dander and light odour & smell

Technical Specifications

Maximum Airflow

160 cfm

Power / Voltage

60 W, 220-240 V, 50 Hz

Maximum Noise Level

54 dB (A)

Area Guideline

1 ACH – 1,125 sqft

2 ACH – 563 sqft

3 ACH – 375 sqft

4 ACH – 281 sqft

5 ACH – 225 sqft


34 x 58.5 x 18 cm


5.4 kg


3 years

OV200 Replacement Filters


OV200 Filter Set

  • Consist of a mesh pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.
  • HEPA filter with MERV 16 ratings
  • 24 sqft of filter media
  • Recommended replacement cycle every 6-9 months